This is an experience that will bring us to the traditional old times of a little village in the mountains.


Stonecutter was indeed one of the most respectful proffessions in the past. You will love the experience to learn the basics of this craft and to practice it. Our stone craftsman will teach us the techniques and tools with which we will work the stone with our own hands and we will take home a small stone carving!.

The effort of carving will open our appetite so that once the workshop is finished, we will taste the traditional gastronomy that will unite us to the roots of the territory. The excellent meats of this  Nansa Valley tell us about another of the oldest trades of the environment, the cattle ranch. Since the Middle Ages have been shaping the landscape, becoming the great landscape builder that we now interpret.


In the afternoon, and after the after-dinner, we propose a slow trekking, a gentle walk, of approximately one hour. We walk slowly while we have the opportunity to know the natural heritage of the upper Nansa and discover other ancient crafts that are related to the valley's natural resources.

Stonecutter for a day

90,00 €Precio
Nr. Adultos
Nr. niños

  • Departure Time: 9:00 am

    Duration: 11 hours approx

    Activities: stone carving workshop, slow hiking

    Group: 4 people (minimum) - 7 people (maximum)

    Languages: Spanish, English, Italian



Tel: +34 683 18 88 58


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